I have made some engaging discoveries as of late!

These are etchings by Nieve Brown. Brown is also the architect who designed one of my favourite housing estate projects in London. The Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate which is situated off Abbey Road in the borough of Camden. It is one of the most brutal and intriguing structures I have come across. The three buildings within the estate were designed in 1969, around a train track and subsequently had to function as noise barriers to prevent train noise disturbing residents - to work in this way they had to be built in the style of a ziggurat, concrete and angled:

A space efficient complex for over a thousand residents, the complex aimed to create a private space for families to exist in. It also contains open spaces for recreational purposes, there is a school on site amongst other institutions. Everything is contained and you have never felt so 'purpose-built' in your life. It is true, perhaps, a system where you never really have to withdraw yourself from. Although, how effective it is on a community-based level, I am unaware.

So, so brutally good.