Regimenting the race: Berlin policemen practise for the 9th Indoor Sports Festival held on 17 March 1934 in Berlin

Hittite ritual standard swastikas. Bronza, height 34cm. From Alaca Hüyük, Grave B, 2300-2100BC

'Terra-cotta Ball, representing apparently the climates of the globe' and 'Fragment of Pottery, with the Svastika' H. Schliemann, Ilios, London 1880

Versions of the swastika from the Pedagogical Sketchbook of Paul Klee

'Saarbrücken was a single sea of flags' Wulf Bley, Das Jahr 2, Berlin 1935

The Old Slogan in the 'New' Reich: Blood and Iron. John Heartfield, AIZ, 8 March 1934

Girls' hockey team, Edmonton, Alberta.. circa 1916

'The first of May then brings the entire German people together' Wulf Bley, Das Jahr 1, Berlin 1934

Site of conflict: Swastika graffiti in Berlin 1993

The day of German Art, 15 October 1933. Wulf Bley, Das Jahr 1, Berlin 1934

The construction site: Troy 1989

Cover of the pamphlet Real History of the Swastika by Norman Walker, London 1939

'Specimens of whorls, etc. dug up at Troy' H. Scliemann, Ilios, London

Map showing distribution of the swastika. Thomas Wilson, The Swastika, the Earliest Known Symbol and its Migration, Washington 1986

Phantasmagoria: stills from Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will