Stratis are a half Greek half German electronic band or 'art wave electronica' formed in the early 80's. They have a very Kraftwerk sounding quality to them with a little bit of harsh Garrison. Can't help but feeling like I'm listening to the future in the past.
OTHER MUSIC NY wrote a review about their album 'As Life Goes By' which was released in 2006 on Temporary Records
Prior to this, they released two other records and a couple of compilations.

"The minimal-synth/coldwave dam has broken and we're getting a flood of gems up in here! We reviewed Stratis' amazing Herzlos CD a while back and gushed over its Blade Runner/Vangelis/Chris and Cosey Futur-O vibe. (Flatteringly, they repaid the favor by unexpectedly adding our write-up to the liner notes of this, their new album of new material!). Records like this risk the danger of sounding mega out of touch, or embarrassingly forced or just plain bad. Fortunately with Stratis, their love of the analog-future sound has preserved their creative juices like a cryogenically preserved Walt Disney head. Mostly instrumental tracks, As Life Goes Byrevisits the Blade Runner-esque, cyber-urban vibe, this time with a tastefully amplified sense of propulsion. Now that more than 20 years have passed since the inception of Stratis, they have shifted into a sound that greatly resembles Chris and Cosey-influenced Detroit techno. There is a palpable atmosphere of urban decay and longing for a brighter future, reminiscent of the dark, searching feel of Suburban Knight and Juan Atkins, but again, with that added Yello/Vangelis floating, dark romantic feeling. It is both vintage (thanks to the masterfully played analog equipment) and future-focused -- a strange, effective combination only old-schoolers like Stratis can pull off. Fortunately, As Life Goes By isn't marred by any trance elements, because I'd rather imagine floating cop cars and taxi cabs in the rain than a buncha dudes in ties and dockers dancing on the weekend! Stratis is keeping it real!"

Last.fm kindly offers some of their tracks to download for free.

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