My friend Maya put on a production of the play Three Tall Women last weekend in the Barron Theater, St. Andrews. It truly blue my mind. Not only for being above and beyond what I believed this town could offer, but in it's beauty and eloquence which were remarkable regardless of venue.

"Three Tall Women by Edward Albee explores our need for resilient self-deception. Centered on Albee’s adoptive mother, the play should be considered neither commemorative nor ridden with revenge, but rather an attempt at objectifying her life. The main characters A, B and C play the same woman at different stages in the course of the same life cycle. In other words, they schematise this woman's internal development by giving it the form of intra subjective interaction. Anchoring their discussion on the most important memories, they compare accounts and force the catalysis of temporary identities."

A was Emily MacDonald, B was Shayna Layton and C was Randy Jane.

These are Maya's production photos.

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