From a website on the symtoms of a common cold

"In the morning.
Hot weather
Getting cold from undressing."

"Patient is weepy and wants to be consoled. Warm and worse heat, worse sun, better walking slowly in open air, worse warm stuffy rooms, dry mouth but no thirst, worse at twilight, worse from fatty foods; bland and often greenish nasal discharge."

"Windy, Cold, dry weather. In public places. After over-indulgence of spicy foods

and stimulants such as coffee.


3am & 4am."

"For fresh air.

In the Sun.

For jarring or touch. Lying on right side. Between

4am& 6pm"

"From warm, windy weather. Being indoors

In the evening.

Bright light."

"warm, dry air. Movement"

More accidental beat poetry, here.

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