Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Song Dong's 'Waste Not' exhibition at the Curve gallery at the Barbican is an interesting representation of a culture that loves to save and never throw away. After the sudden death of his father his mother found solace in preserving every single possession she owned from generations back. Little did she realise that she was living in a hoarder's paradise. Until her son, the artist, decided to remove the objects out of their original context and place them as a collection of items that exist now as a sort of sculptural installation at the Barbican's Curve gallery. As you carefully tread between the perfectly laid out items, you breath in what can only be vintage dust particles, you ogle at the masses of unusable items and feel comforted by the fact that you are surrounded by empty toothpaste tubes, cast iron radiators, and plastic washing bowls that made one women's world bearable after the death of her husband.

See video here.

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