I have been visiting Tel Aviv almost every year for the duration of my 25 years. I grew up with these images of 'hotel' architecture, Bauhaus, concrete and history. I am fascinated by how the city's reputation as the 'white city' impacts daily life in Tel Aviv. And how we find beauty amoungst the brutal structures that confront us when we go to the bank, the gallery, or to work. In Israel, I have never even seen a house - the type of house I have been taught to acknowledge as a typical home. The fact that the '2 up, 2 down' doesn't exist in Tel Aviv makes it seem exciting and versatile to me. As if life is more rapid, you go up flights of stairs, you go down flight of stairs, you catch the reflection of the sparkling sunshine in a row of 'characterless' block of flats across the street. You don't get too comfortable in one place.

(photos and words by: shiri webb)

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